16 September 2007

Auckland Domain - take two....

Today we decided we were going to do the Sculpture Walk in the Auckland Domain come hell or high water! Well, we made it about half way around the Domain before the rain set in once more and we abandoned ship like the wimps we are.....
It started off a lovely, if somewhat cloudy day. The minute I was out of the car we heard this almighty noise coming towards us and without warning, before I could even get my camera out, there was a fly past of five what I presume to be old war planes. It turned out to be the Battle of Britain commemmoration day and there was a ceremony at the War Memorial in front of the Museum. Anyway, I whipped out my camera just in time to get a fly past of another four planes, even though I didn't get time to put my new zoom lens on.
After that we had time to walk to three sculptures, two of which appear to be new ones that weren't on the map I have, before the rain came down. We waited awhile but there was no clear sky visible so after taking a few photos while trying to juggle an umbrella I gave it all away - so much for my little bit of culture.

Flypast of Tiger Moths (I think).

The Millennium Tree Sculpture by Guy Ngan

Kaitiaki Sculpture by Fred Graham
This sculpture represents a hawk. Fred Graham observes that birds were the original Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa, and the hawk has figured prominently in the oral traditions of Ngati Whatua and Tainui. The enormous swooping steel bird, dark against the sky, may seem threatening, but conveys the strength that makes the hawk a powerful guardian of the land.

Unknown sculpture - no plaque as yet, you can
see the Kaitiaki one in the background.

The Domain Cricket Grandstand built in 1899.

The Domain lies mostly within the Pukekawa Volcano crater,
the water from the crater drains into the Duck Ponds. You can
see the rain precipitating down in this one!

The signs of Spring!!! HAH!


Pam said...

Pity about the weather but you got some great shots before you were rained off! I love the way you have the Sky Tower nestled under the wing of the hawk!

Anonymous said...

Oh, very nice photos. I love the signs of spring shot with the curly branches. You blog is so interesting to me as I've not been to New Zealand...yet!