13 October 2007

I'm still alive.....

I haven't felt like doing much of anything this past week so no photowalking to speak of. I found I had pulled some muscles in my stomach and hurt my back after lifting grandson Harry a few times when he was here so I've just been taking it easy. On thursday I did go for a short walk and although I took my camera I ended up just taking photos of weeds would you believe! I was inspired by Joan in Australia when I saw her photos of wild flowers, well all the wild flowers around here I call weeds! The weather hasn't been the best either, I don't like October weather, you get all the four seasons in one day!
The good news is that I've managed to more or less maintain my weight even without the walking, as of this morning I'm 69.9 kgs.
So, on thursday I went to get a hair cut and noticed this motif painted on the side of the building.
After that I was going to go further but there was a large black cloud looming so I wended my way home. As I passed a small street I heard the song of a Tui so went to investigate and there he was in a tree, but he flew off before I could get any photos. I then decided to walk further into this street where there is a small grassed area beside a creek with a wooden table so I sat there to have my lunch and wouldn't you know it, it started to rain! I made a hasty retreat and on the way back there was the tui again so I sheltered from the rain under the tree next to the Kowhai tree he was in and this time he very obligingly posed for me. As you can see there was water on the lens already so I had to just snap a few very quickly, it doesn't really show his beautiful coat off, you can see what they really look like here.

The rain stopped shortly after but by then he'd flown off again. On the way home I saw all sorts of weeds growing by the footpath so here they are. This one is the humble Buttercup - Ranunculus acris.

This one is pretty, it's one of the Oxalis family, probably Oxalis corniculata.

Haven't identified this one yet.
This one is probably Oxalis incarnata.
This one I know, it's the Sow Thistle - Sonchus oleraceus.

The terrible smelling Onion weed - Allium triquetrum.

Mmmmm not sure on this one either.

And lastly the very lovely Daisy - Bellis perennis.
Now, hasn't that made your day, seeing the weeds of Waitakere!

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Sharon said...

Yeah - I haven't been out for ages! Weather is just too horrible and hard to predict. Love your weeds - aren't they pretty :)