15 October 2007

Forgotten photo

I noticed I forgot to upload this photo a few weeks ago, it's a Chinese Toon.


Webfrau said...

Hi Dawn - mostly I've been able to get on to DSP. A few times I've had server busy messages and had to wait a little. The store seemed to be crazy though - I couldn't get any sense out of it.
Congrats on winning the IOTW draw.

Sharon said...

I can get to the site but not the store. I can only imagine the hair that is being pulled out at their end to get things going again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
I've been able to get to my gallery and upload on and off for two days. the store is down and a message comes up saying pardon our dust or I get a "page cannot be found" error message. I saw something about DSP extending the sale when they get their store up and working. Hope we're back working fully soon as there are some things due that i'm going to miss. See ya soon, I hope.