02 February 2008

ScatterdaZe - 2 Feb 2008

Here we are again, another week gone by. I didn't really feel like going out much thiz week, the weather and my feet conspired against me! So I had to see what I could find around the house starting with Z, I was really zurprized at what popped up. Something a little bit different are my herbal Zinger teabagz - then came the Zoom lenz on my camera - and lastly I grated the rind of a lemon & an orange to get the Zest and then shaped it into a Z, made an awful mezz but the zmell was divine! I put it onto a sheet of white paper, took the photo then imported it into PhotoShop and brushed away the background to leave just the Z!
Then I added a couple of alpha Z letterz, a clip art Zebra zitting down, some Zigzag ztitching, a Zero, word art of my Zodiac zign and another clip art of the word Zoo.
And there I waz thinking Z waz going to be hard!

Credits - All American Alpha by Amber Gray
Alpha Mosaic N-Z QC by Lauren Bavin,
Antique Autumn by Valeria Brumfield,
Chocolate Chip Cookies Alpha by Kim Liddiard,
Golden Allure by Valeri Brumfield,
Natural Harmony by Valeri Brumfield,
What's Your Sign? Word Art by Tina Chambers,
Clip Art by Wendy Sefcik, Seebee & pcCrafter


Dy said...

Hey, snap with the zest! :-)
Lovely layout, I like how you've put your photos inside the letter Z

Birdydownunder said...

never thought of zinger and zest. Very clever and you hve inspired me to have a go at layouts.

Michelle Watters said...

You are a clever cookie. All those Z things. There was never any reason to worry.

Di's SnippitS said...

Nice collection of Z's snap with the zoom lens.....we do like our photography.

Fran said...

Wish I'd thought of that letter!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun. That got me to thinking, I could feature a letter every two weeks for the year. We have a daughter named Zayal so she would fit right into a Z page. She loves Zebra's too so we have a tremendous amount of them around the place (not real ones although she has made reference to wanting one). What a lovely photo layout.

Lindi said...

Very Nize!
Your layoutz are alwayz clever. I will have to learn how to do them.