28 March 2008

Blog Readers

Webfrau left me this comment:-
"Interesting Dawn. I subscribe to your blog using bloglines. I used to be able to read your posts and see the photos. In the ones that you've done with livewriter the photos are no longer visible in my feed - I have to go to the actual blog to see them. I've noticed a few blogs where the photos have disappeared and I bet this is why. A different feed format."

I've tried Google Reader and have no problems seeing the photos posted by Windows Live Writer Webfrau, perhaps you'd like to give that a go?

Anyone else having problems with their Blog Readers and posts using Live Writer similar to Webfrau's?

1 comment:

Fran said...

Dawn, I've only just discovered Reader :-) but I have noticed that some of the blogs come through abreviated and without pics, but when I click on the name, it opens in another window complete,