11 March 2008

New Blog

I've decided to split this blog into two, this one will stay as the PhotoWalking/Photography one and the new one will be dedicated to my digital scrapbooking/preserving yesterday's photographs for future generations. You can see it here - Yesteryear Memories.

Why I'm doing this is because I really wanted to post larger pictures of the layouts and you have to do that via a link to PhotoBucket (or similar) so this one stays with the normal size photos.


aykayem said...

blogs can only be 500 posts long?
who said that?
(I just looked on blogger help and it said there is no limit ... although I did find something about a 100 post limit on private blogs (I think that is where you can set your blog up so readers have to join, be approved by you, and log in to read it) but yours isn't one of those (if it was I wouldn't be here commenting on it now - LOL)
I hope there is no limit!
... mine isn't 500 posts long yet, but it might get there eventually - LOL

courtneycotton01@gmail.com said...

Thanks for putting me right on that Andrea, I don't why I thought that because now I can't find out where I saw it! Mine is only 167 at present so there's a long way to go yet anyway.