30 August 2008

Hello Folks!

I'm back from Melbourne with lots of photos & movies to post. I had the best & worst time over the last month! It was great to spend time with my gorgeous little grandson Liam & his parents but at the same time the Aussies tried to kill me off with some sort of horrible bug that laid me low for the last 2 weeks!
Never the one to give in though, the doctor has given me a good dose of antibiotics to get me to my feet again, so here I am.
While I was away my ct-scan (head only) appointment arrived so I had that on Thursday, unfortunately it seems they didn't find anything much so my parents were right after all - I'm brainless!
The answer to my question 'did you find anything' was 'no, not really' which could mean anything I guess but I'm looking on the bright side for the next ten days while I wait for the final results.
Photos coming very soon.

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Sharon said...

Welcome back home Dawn!