20 October 2008

Harry's first day at Softball

Yesterday I went along to DGS Harry's very first game of softball (t-ball for the young ones) and what a time we all had, I think the parents enjoyed it as much as the children did! Harry is 3 & a half, not quite used to sharing the ball yet so a few tears but he's getting the hang of it! He's the one with red sneakers, the third generation of softballers in our family and the third generation of lefties!

I've just noticed the word 'thank' has been left out of the credits at the end, it took hours to upload this version (24megs) so I'm sure not going to do it again!

PS If you're wondering why this is coming up as a new post when you saw it yesterday it's because I deleted yesterday's video and uploaded a better version of it, this one is not so blurred!

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