30 October 2008

New Plymouth Here We Come!

Last Monday was Labour Day here in NZ so we decided to take a couple of extra days and have a break away. DH has an Aunty who moved to New Plymouth last year so that was our destination. Would you believe we left Friday morning at 4.50am, no I didn't think so, I didn't believe it either, but we did!
From New Lynn West on the map

First comfort stop - Huntly 6.11am & the first light of day

Sunrise over the Waikato River.

The Huntly Power Station - the largest thermal power station in New Zealand, supplies around 17% of the country's power.

Second stop for breakfast - Otorohanga 7.36am

Shopping centre, hardly a soul stirring.

Both sides of the long street had these lovely hanging baskets all the way along.

A painted wall on the side of one of the shops.

This is the side of the antique shop, shame it wasn't open yet!

I had to laugh at this one, some of the kiwi icons that make us Kiwis!

Next stop Te Kuiti....

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