14 November 2008

Back to Weekend in Parakai

So after we left the Macadamia Farm we drove a bit further up the coast to Shelly Beach where we sat and watched a runabout with two men being rescued, I think their outboard had conked out!








Then we drove home, had pizza for tea and watched the election day results in between a few more soaks in the pool!

Wording on the monument:-

This monument was placed here in 1990 as a sequicentennial gesture. It replaces the original stone that was placed here in 1884 to commemorate the Great Meeting House erected on the foreshores of Herepiiti Aotea. We thank both the Maori & Pakeha for their combined efforts to mark this historical occasion.

Maori - indigenous people of NZ

Pakeha - originally referring to the early European settlers of NZ

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Free Spirit said...

It looks so pretty there. It is so nice to get a glimpse of th eworld on the other side. What is teh pyramid thing. Thanks for the tip on google reader. I knew of it but never really looked into it. I started adding blog links to it and I have a lot. It is a whole other world of cyber friends and I love it. i am amazed at how many people I have connected with. Thanks for sharing.