04 December 2008

Heritage Day in Helensville - Part 2

Now, where was I? Oh yes we'd just had breakfast at the old railway station.

So after breakfast we went for a walk around Helensville to look at all the old buildings that were open for Heritage Day.

The Old Grand Hotel


The New Grand Hotel


And it's beautiful gardens!


This is what NZ weeds look like, probably very similar to yours! Poor neglected old house, it looked so forlorn that I couldn't help myself, makes a lovely photo though. Those trees on the right with the long thin trunks are NZ Cabbage Trees.

Malolo House

Built in 1904 as a doctor’s residence, the separate "Kaipara Wing" was added in the 1920’s as a cottage hospital. It was the local maternity hospital until 1958. Dr. Farqhuar Matheson christened the house "Malolo" in 1924, after spending time in Samoa. ‘Sau Malolo’ means ‘Come and Rest’.



The Regent Theatre

The Regent was built in 1941 during the War. It was a 400-seat theatre and was filled to capacity most Saturday nights during the 1950's and '60's. The lovely art deco-styled foyer is now the Cafe Regent with a capacity of 45 seats for dinner and 20 for dinner and movie. It didn't look like the cafe was open any longer though. The rest of it is full to the rafters of vintage ephemera, I had a ball in there!


The Old Post Office

Built in 1911, it is now an antiques and collectables shop.



Not sure about this one, looks like a church, now the Christian Life Centre.


After the walk around town we called in at the Helensville Museum on our way home, more photos tomorrow.....

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