08 June 2009

Fading Beauty of Autumn

Seeing that it's winter here already I thought I was too late to see Cambridge in it's Autumn splendour but was pleasantly surprised to still find some signs of it left. Yesterday we took our daughter down to pick up her new car so took the opportunity to have a look around and to scrummage through the antique shops of course!


First stop Huntly on the Waikato River.


Second stop the car! A 2001 Ford Mondeo Zetec.


Cambridge township. It was a beautiful sunny day with not a cloud in the sky but brother it was freezing, the wind was coming straight off the snow!


Still some signs of what the countryside must have looked like a few weeks ago.


Cambridge is also home to many Horse Stud Farms. This lovely tile was in the footpath.


Cambridge Town Hall built 1909.


Just by the Town Hall.


Cambridge Superloo - I wasn't paying no 50c to use it though! Just what is a Superloo anyway?


St Andrew's Church, it looks even better in real life.


The red iron, Victorian pillar-styled letterbox on the corner of Victoria and Hamilton Roads was built by P & D Duncan in Christchurch and installed about 1898. It has stood on this corner ever since. At that time it cost between £9:10:- and £10:10:-. There are not many of these old letter boxes still in use and the insignia VR makes this one very special.


St Andrew's again.twelve

Still a few leaves left on this lovely June day.

thirteen fourteen

On the way home we stopped by the Waikato River and took these photos of the sacred Maori cemetery on Taupiri Mountain.




I was freezing but I just couldn't resist these photos, the river looked so beautiful with the setting sun shining on it and the water so still.


Across the other side of the river.




A little further on we came to the Kimihia cemetery in Huntly. The old part of the cemetery was covered in fallen leaves and with the setting sun throwing long shadows on the lawn it was a lovely sight.


On the way home we stopped in to wish Lauren a very happy 12th birthday and had lots of yummy chocolate cake. The perfect end to a lovely day.

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