01 June 2009

Grandchildren & Cemeteries

Sometime in April Dennis sliced his heel rather badly so the weekly walking trips went by the board until it was better. Just before it happened one sunny autumn day we took our two granddaughters for a drive to the Purewa Cemetery in Meadowbank to search for a grave I was interested in finding. They were really spooked about being in a cemetery so we didn't stay long, it took me all my time to get them out of the car! They're not looking too happy are they?


After that we visited relations in Kohimarama and went for a walk on the boardwalk along the beach, just a beautiful day.

A few photos I've taken of our grandchildren since then.

three Two


This is how you hold your tongue when you're playing a game on your cousin's mobile phone!



Harry's swimming lessons. He's funny, he loves them but he keeps on forgetting to kick and sinks like a stone!

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