17 September 2009

Dentist again

On Tuesday I had an appointment with the Bone Research Study that I’m participating in at the hospital. I had to fast for the blood tests so I was really hungry by the time I arrived there at 10am. After three more bone density scans and blood & urine samples (why didn’t they tell me that before I went when I arrived!!) they gave me breakfast, very nice too. I had intended on taking my camera with me because we were going to walk in the domain afterwards but darn it I forgot it! It was another lovely day so the walk was very enjoyable.

Yesterday I made sure I had the camera with me on my second visit to the dentist in Newmarket. The weather has been wonderful lately so we detoured on the way to the train on our way home. I had the most decadent chocolate filled croissant with my mocha for lunch, at this rate I’ll need to walk forever.

There’s a lot of construction work going on in Newmarket at the moment, a new train station etc etc, it was so noisy and dusty that we made a quick getaway in the end, after a few snaps.


The murder house.


Spring beauty.


‘Sliver’,  the Virginia King sculpture on the corner of Khyber Pass Road and Broadway.


A new bus service I hadn’t seen before, Waka Pacific. I liked the design painted on the bus - it reflects the Maori population of the Papakura area. The colours and shapes represent the water, air and land. There are also references to the area’s three pa sites.


Lunch in the sun. Behind the temporary blue wall is a lovely little park called Lumsden Green that must be having work done on it. The Green occupies a triangle of land at the intersection of Parnell Road, Broadway and Khyber Pass which had been put aside as a reserve in 1878. The park is ornamented by a modernist fountain, a 19th century canon and a stainless steel sculpture by Marte Szirmay installed in 1969 to mark the Centenary of the Newmarket Highway district. The park is named in honour of David Lumsden, the last Mayor of Newmarket before amalgamation with Auckland City in 1989.


Appetising food in the window of the Dondon Rikka Japanese Restaurant in Short St.


Where I live!

dentist8 dentist9

Nearly home, a little oasis in the midst of traffic chaos in New Lynn.


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