15 November 2009

French Bay

Last Wednesday we had to go to French Bay so we fitted in our walk at the same time. Unfortunately it was overcast and the tide was out so the photos aren’t that inspiring.


French Bay is the home of the Manukau Coastguard and the French Bay Yacht Club.



One lone fisherman was out there gutting his fish and feeding the seagulls.


Found this large scallop shell, shame it was empty!fb5

This was a bright spot in an otherwise dull day, an Australian tree of some sort I guess.


Back home again as it started to rain yet again! This is the miniature rose bush that is now about 5 feet tall and blooming for the first time in about 8 years or so!


The vege garden is coming along nicely, beans & tomatoes shooting up, peas still wandering every which way, most of the radishes gone.



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