01 November 2009

Trip to Whitianga

Last Wednesday we took a trip down to Whitianga on the Coromandel Peninsula to deliver some xmas lights to friends. They have a B&B right on the beach at Wharekaho Beach, the next one around the coast past Buffalo Beach. We had two days of perfect weather, hospitality and relaxation, not to mention a wonderful time. 

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About 30 mins from Whitianga on the way there.


Looking out towards Mercury Bay, so called by Captain James Cook when he landed here in 1769.


http://onthebeachwhitianga.co.nz/ – where we stayed.


Looking towards the northern end of Wharekaho Beach better known as Simpson’s Beach.


Looking towards the southern end, 3.8km long. We had the whole beach to ourselves seeing it was a week day, so peaceful.


At the southern end.

oct9 Grumpy! oct10 oct11


The New Zealand Dotterel (TÅ«turiwhatu pukunui) is an endangered species found only in this country. It was once widespread and common but there are only about 1500 birds left. This serious decline in numbers is due to a combination of habitat loss, predation by introduced mammals and disturbance during breeding.


These two were obviously rather distressed as we walked by, they kept running backwards & forwards chirping to each other – or us – they are showing their breeding colours – orange breasts – so we think they must have had a nest nearby.


Looking from Buffalo Beach Esplanade towards the Estuary and Ferry Landing.


Buffalo Beach, Whitianga.

Next time – Hot Water Beach……

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