17 March 2012

Auckland Churches


St Stephen's Anglican Chapel
Judges Bay
Auckland City

St Stephen’s Chapel was one of the first Gothic Revival churches commissioned by Bishop Selwyn. The chapel was built in 1857 & has a Greek Cross plan. It was originally built for the signing of the Constitution of the United Church of England & Ireland in NZ. 
Photo taken 6 Nov 2009


Chapel of Faith in the Oaks
Waikumete Cemetery
Glen Eden, Waitakere

This Chapel was built in 1886 as a mortuary Chapel. It was used to conduct burial services until the present Chapel complex was built in 1952. It is now the scene of weddings, blessings and funeral services, it is also used for numerous film location shoots. With the dissolution of the Chapel of Faith in the Oaks Trust, management reverted back to Council during 2008.
Category I heritage building, finely detailed, small masonry Chapel building with plaster walls & pitched slate roof, built 1880s.
Photo taken 6 Jan 2007


Samoan Seventh-Day Adventist Church
29 Margan Ave
New Lynn, Auckland
Photo taken 15 Mar 2012


St Austell's Methodist-Presbyterian Church
35 Margan Ave
New Lynn, Auckland
Photo taken 15 Mar 2012



St Andrews Church Hall (Presbyterian)
22 Margan Ave (cnr Rankin Ave)
New Lynn, Auckland

Stone was laid on 19 Jan 1929, built by the Rev W P Rankin, Minister of St Andrews Church. Architect Clinton H Savage. Bricks donated by Gardner Bros & Parker. The Land donated by the NZ Brick & Tile Co. Joinery donated by Fletcher Construction Co. Voluntary Carpentry by George E McWhirter & Albert Overington, New Lynn.
Unfortunately lying derelict for many years & is now for sale, potential buyers are being put off by it's heritage category 2 status & possibly the two Pohutukawa trees that are also protected.
Photo taken 15 Mar 2012


Tongan Methodist Church
39-43 Margan Ave
New Lynn, Waitakere


This part of the church looks like the original church with the larger more modern one added later. Neo-Gothic tracery cement render building, built turn of the century, category III heritage building. This is the plaque on the wall:-


It may have originally been a Presbyterian Church as I found this brief biography on Rev F R Jeffreys in the Presbyterian archives:-
JEFFREYS, Rev Frank Rupert
b 5.7.1877
w (1) Sr. Evelyn McAdam  b 21.12.1869  m 28.3.1911 d 2.3.1926
w (2) Janet Brash b 1886 m 22.11.1927  d (?)
Theological Hall 1908-10
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin Dec 1910
Ordained St Andrews SCP  4.4.1911 - resigned 31.3.1914
Superintendent Presbyterian Support Services Association Auckland  23.5.1914  - resigned 31.3.1928
Resigned from ministry 8.10.1929
He had a bookshop in Queen Street Auckland.
Died Jan 1939
Photo taken 15 Mar 2012


Samoan Congregational Church
22 Hutchinson Ave (cnr Islington Ave)
New Lynn, Waitakere
Category II Heritage building, built 1910

Recently renovated & with no plaque yet, I was able to find out about it from the Waitakere Council website. First photo is courtesy of Google & taken a few years ago in the middle of renovations. You can see the reflection of the windows in the church next door, St Thomas.
Photo taken 15 Mar 2012


St Thomas’ Anglican Church
2 Islington Ave
New Lynn, Waitakere
Category II heritage building, built 1927
Photo taken 15 Mar 2012


Church of the Nazarene
126 Seabrook Ave
New Lynn, Waitakere
Photo taken 15 Mar 2012


Evangelical Formosan Church
28 Rimu St
New Lynn, Waitakere
Photo taken 16 Mar 2012


Christadelphian Hall
3159 Great North Rd
New Lynn, Waitakere
Photo taken 16 Mar 2012


Vavega Ole Ola
Miracle of Life Church
3165 Great North Rd
New Lynn, Waitakere
Photo taken 16 Mar 2012


Anonymous said...

went to new lynn methodist church from 1950 to 1960 and takapuna church from 1975 to 1981 but moved to Perth australia My mother did flowers in church and I attended Girls Brigade from Cadets up to teenage years under Vi Blease. at the Perspeterian church. I enjoyed my times and still have Hymn book given to me for good attendance.

Anonymous said...

I attended the Presbyterian Church (St Andrews) for most of my childhood. Attended Girl's Brigade and the Sunday School and Bible Class. I have very fond memories of Vi Blease and the hugh impact she had on my life and the most incredible memories.

loma33 said...

To the Glory of God Almighty.