11 April 2012

Waikato Churches


St James Church
Pahau St
Photo taken 7 Apr 2012


St John the Evangelist
Tararu Rd
Tararu, Thames
Photo taken 7 Apr 2012

St John's Church was built for Henry Lawlor, so that he could continue to take divine service in Tararu. Prior to this, for ten years he had conducted services in settlers' homes or even on the beach. The site was selected by Lawlor and Rev. Vicesimus Lush, vicar of Thames, in 1872 on land given by J.S. Graham.  It was not, however, until 1880 when Lawlor was 68 years old, that Lush finally opened the church. In 1952 Henry's grandson speculated that this was one of the first churches in New Zealand and was fascinated by the oil lamps from shipwrecks used to light the church. While monthly services continued for many years on the first Sunday of every month, this finished on 10th December 2006. http://tinyurl.com/79mxyvk
The church lay empty until recently when it was purchased by a family who intend to restore it. An excellent article on it’s history can be found here:- http://tinyurl.com/6v6toh9




St George's Anglican Church
600 Mackay St
Photo taken 7 Apr 2012

An article on the history of this church may be found on this website:- http://tinyurl.com/7nulypf

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