30 January 2015

Coromandel Churches


Elim Church
745 Rings Rd
Photo taken: 25 Jan 2015

Elim NZ History

The Elim Pentecostal Church was founded in 1915 by a Welshman named George Jeffreys, he was strongly influenced by the Welsh Revival of 1904. A well known Evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth - the great man of faith, came to New Zealand for crusades in 1922.  This was the beginning of what was to be known as the Pentecostal Church of New Zealand. In August 1949 negotiations were set in motion by the Conference of the Pentecostal Church of New Zealand to link up with the Elim Church of Great Britain. The Elim Church of New Zealand has over 40 churches throughout the nation with significant churches in the main centres.

So far I’ve found nothing on the history of the building and which church it was originally.

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