20 January 2008

Blog365 - Day 16

Gee it's hot, don't know where to put myself so I think it'll be in my bed soon! It's midnight and it's still 21oC! We went off to explore another Farmers' Market yesterday morning, this time the one in Oratia next door to Just Plane Interesting at 99 Parrs Cross Rd. A fairly small one but beautifully fresh and well presented food, luckily for me the Maori potatoes (photo below) were there again so I bought two bags today, making the most of them before they disappear. I walked through a plum orchard to get there (to get away from the dust the cars were covering me in) and saw these huge yummy looking plums so couldn't resist a photo or two, but didn't hang around in case the owner thought I was eating them as well!

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