26 January 2008

Scatterday N - 26 Jan 2008

This week the letter N wasn't quite so hard - I had the perfect photo for the South American part that I had taken a few weeks ago at a fair - The Amazonas singing South American songs & using interesting looking instruments - none of them starting with N I might add! I had a hard job coming up with something starting with N in this photo but I persevered & in the end won through - Noise and Noses - and they could be from Niteroi in Brazil couldn't they? Highly unlikely I suspect.
The orange Nasturtiums are from my garden, we were in the middle of taking up the plastic weedmat and replacing the bark when winter hit us so this is what it looked like before xmas when we restarted it! Totally overgrown and running amuck but it did look so pretty.
Finally, I've never actually tasted NZ Spinach but I know I won't like it!

Designer credits:-
Christmas Remembered QC by Tina Chambers, http://tinyurl.com/2gwhuz
DSP Sunny font by Suzanne Walker http://tinyurl.com/36wvcf
Lanee by Marcee Duggar, http://tinyurl.com/2uvuf7
Must be Magic Alpha by Lauren Bavin, http://tinyurl.com/2sbops
Scribbly Doo Alpha by Irene Alexeeva, http://tinyurl.com/25a6dh
The Doodle Garden by Rene Bross, no link


Michelle Watters said...

Very clever and colourful and I will have you know I saw this photo yesterday quite by chance. I googled South American things starting N and low and behold your photo popped up on a photo website somewhere. How weird is that?

Dy said...

Nasturtiums have been popular this week. NZ Spinach is yummy! :-)

Pennie said...

South American Noses LOL you have to be the only one to come up with that Dawn! very funny!

Cinzia said...

As always isn't your setting superb, must give it a try soon.

Liz Needle said...

Very devious interpretation of South American. And NZ spinach? I ask you? LOL

jodie said...

pretty nasturtiums, I thought of them but don't have any growing.