07 January 2008

Blog365 - Day 3

Another hot day so we didn't go anywhere exciting. Some of the Scatterdaisies wanted me to do a tutorial on how I did my 'mosaic' of the weekly photos - well, I'm not too hot on tutorials so here's a brief idea of how it's done and then I'll look for a link to a tutorial on Digital Scrapbooking because that's what it's called.

It's all done in PhotoShop or a similar graphics programme. Basically it's done with layers of jpg or psd (PhotoShop) files - loaded in one by one and placed wherever you like until it's how you want it to look, then you merge all the layers together and save it as another jpg file and then you print it out and/or upload it to the Internet somewhere. Of course it's not that easy and does take a lot of learning, for me anyway, maybe you're a quick learner LOL - but it's a lot of fun and you get to make some lovely albums to pass onto your grandchildren/whoever you want.

My gallery is at http://dawn-in-nz.digitalscrapbookplace.com/ - do have a look around at the DigitalScrapBookPlace where you'll find hundreds of other digital scrapbookers and their digital layouts.

These are a few links to more information:-

Don't feel as overwhelmed by all the tutorials on this last page as I was - after the initial shock I just chose 'Creating Your First Layout' and the graphics programme I use (PhotoShop Elements 4) and slowly followed the instructions with a few swear words thrown in and I was away, the addiction was upon me!

Here's the layout I did today, click on it to see a larger version. Now you can see why I'm not so good on tutorials, absolutely hopeless explanation!

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DoubleL said...

You have not changed at all! Lovely page - just what I need something else new to try, but they sure look exciting. Cheaper than buying all that paper sheeting at $2 each plus the bits.