12 January 2008

Scatterday E - 12 Jan 2008

This week I found one of the categories quite hard - Terrifying Things - there isn't much I'm terrified of and what there is I couldn't photograph anyway! I wasn't sure if it's supposed to be things that I'm terrified of or what anyone would consider to be terrifying. I did think of Enema but I didn't think you'd appreciate getting a photo of that! As it turns out I went to a funeral and there are people who are terrified of dying (not me, I'm going to enjoy coming back to haunt you all) - as there is no Epitaph as yet I've gone with Eulogy given by the celebrant (she is there).
Then one morning I was lucky to get breakfast in bed, soft boiled googy, but it was really was googy - not quite cooked - so as I was sitting there comtemplating it I thought, yes, the white of the Egg for the White category - I had thought of egg previously but they were all brown!
Then I couldn't think of anything in The Plant World that started with E (that I had easy access to) so I looked in my gardening book thinking I'd find a latin name of something I had in my garden, that was when Eggplant hit me, I had one in the fridge. In the end this week was relatively Easy.


Dy said...

Wow Dawn, you've come up with a terrific array of stuff!
You've been my inspiration this week, I'm really enjoying your layouts and thought I'd have a play with one too!

Pennie said...

When I first get the weeks letter and categories I always think Heck how will I do this one' but like you found Dawn once you get into it there's no stopping you... I think Eulogy was a very clever one.

Lindi said...

Eulogy is certainly a good one. Unique I would think.
I love your layouts. Would love to have a go at one, but my weekly challenge seems to be set at everything in the one photo! LOL

Michelle Watters said...

And what did they say when you wanted photos at the funeral?!?!? That was an inspiring selection. And I love what you are doing with your layouts. May we have some info on that please?

BTW - I would have laughed if you'd done the enema LOL

Liz Needle said...

Excellent original choices. Your layouts are beautiful. Think we need a blog workshop on how to do them.

Fran said...

Chanllenge for me next time round is to play with layouts, thanks for the inspiration!