12 February 2008

Blog365 - Day 39

For my 'self portrait a day' challenge photos I took some in a couple of weird places today - at the hairdressers and the blood bank! Weather still unbearably hot but I managed to get caught in the rain without an umbrella so that cooled me off!

Okay so it's not so flattering but I was just pointing the camera in what I hoped was the right direction and hoping for the best, at least it's not up my nose! The hairdresser now thinks I'm a little potty as do all the nurses at the blood bank!
I asked the one who was seeing to me to take a few photos but she didn't really have a clue about what to do, she was looking through the viewfinder holding it about a foot away from her eye! They all turned out blurred, oh well never mind I did manage to take this one with my left hand. Now for some more photos from yesterday.

This is part of the Port of Auckland with the start of the yacht marina and the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

A bit further around this is the Westhaven Yacht Marina and the approach to the harbour bridge. The large buildings behind on the North Shore are the Chelsea Sugar Works.
Now you can see why Auckland is called 'The City of Sails' - it's a wonderful sight when yachts come from all over on our Anniversary Day (Jan 29) to join in the Southern Hemisphere's largest one day yacht regatta.

My house is somewhere in this photo! Looking out toward the Waitakere Ranges in the distance, I live at the foot of them on the edge of Titirangi/New Lynn.

The large brown building in the middle is the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell where Sir Edmund Hillary's body lay in state when he passed away last month. Just behind it (to the right of the photo) you can barely see the roof (behind a tree) of the smaller older 1886 church St Mary's Cathedral where his state funeral took place before he was laid to rest at a private cremation. Don't forget you can click on a photo to see a larger version.

A small version of an American motorway! On the right hand side a bit more than half way up you can see a large old red brick building, that is Auckland Girl's Grammar School that I went to back in - oh heck the mind boggles - 1952-1954!

Looking out towards the Hauraki Gulf on the way to Waiheke Island.

I took advantage of the empty tables to get a shot of the revolving part of the restaurant, they didn't stay like this for very long though, it's a popular place. The outer perimeter where the tables & chairs sit is the only part that revolves with the kitchen, toilets, lifts etc being stationary in the middle, you have to remember to check the closest number to your table so you don't get lost if you go to the toilet.

This is Albert Park in the centre of the city where they're holding the Festival of Lanterns in 10 days, I'm hoping to be able to make it one night while it's on.

I was fascinated with the reflections of all the red lanterns in this building.

And finally for tonight the ship up close, as close as I was allowed anyway.......and so to bed.

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