13 February 2008

Blog365 - Day 40

After the madhouse of the last few days I didn't do much at all today, just relaxed in front of my computer.

Today's self portrait including my microfiche reader and all my photo boxes minus the five that the camera was sitting on!

Still a few more photos from Monday's day in town. After we came down to earth (from the revolving restaurant) this is what greeted us as we came back into the SkyCity foyer - Chinese New Year of course.

And then onto a bit of souvenir shopping with my friends, this is a window of hand carved Maori masks, Mere (flat club) and TokoToko (walking sticks).
These caught my eye, handmade ceramic tiles with lovely colourful NZ icons.

Piles of sheepskin rugs, slippers, cushion covers & toys.

I think these are the most beautiful glass bowls, made to look like Paua shells, also known as Abalone. I want one! Made by Flame Daisy of Nelson, just gorgeous.
Allan & Elizabeth in front of the ship, it was the most glorious day and the water was so still. Their room had a balcony they could sit out on, now I can't remember if they said it was below or above the fourth lifeboat from the right! The trip of a lifetime for them, they were telling me there are people on board who do it every year, lucky for some.

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