17 February 2008

Self Portrait - Day 17

Oops caught in the act!

Dining (if you can call it that) at the Pizza Hut with the grand-daughters. I have a lovely red lump coming up on my forehead after walking straight into a head high glass shelf above the pizzas while bending over to get my plate! The wine did it's job though and we had a bit of fun with the girls.
After they went home I spent the evening looking at and trying to fix some very old slides I've had in the cupboard for nearly half a century - my goodness, that sounds old! The slide show below is some of them, thought you might like to have a few laughs to brighten your day.

1 comment:

Fran said...

I chuckle at all of your self portraits Dawn, just thinking of you setting the camera and racing back to your spot to psoe!