26 May 2008

Audio Books

I found a nice little CD/Cassette player over the weekend, I can also carry it around the house if I want so I'm all set up for lots of reading over the winter.


I like reading a series if I can get them but the earlier books in a series sometimes aren't available on CD or cassette so I'm putting as many as I can onto my iPod to save for after I've read the normal books. After Annie Hawes' series I have another lot by Carol Drinkwater, a well known actress who married a Frenchman and went to live on an olive farm in France. Another two series by Peter Kerr a Scotsman who went to live on Mallorca and Chris Stewart who moved to Spain are both excellent series.

If anyone has read or knows of any other series of Travel/Non-Fiction books they think are good please let me know about them.

I also have these lined up to be ordered soon:-

A Piano in the Pyrenees and Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks.

Shooting Caterpillars in Spain by Alex Browning

The Year of the Cornflake and Green Behind the Ears by Faith Addis

And Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons and Eating up Italy by Matthew Fort look like they might be interesting too.

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Pam said...

Dawn have you read "Driving over Lemons" and "A Parrot in a Pepper Tree" by Chris Stewart? In the first book he moves to a remote mountain farm in Spain, the second he and family are living at their farm, still in Spain, but it also looks back at his life in Sweden etc.
I loved all the Provonce books by Peter Mayle too.
Allons les Enfants, by Linda Burgess, about a NZ family who move to France.
The no.1 Ladies detective agency series set in Botswana.
Sorry if I am repeating any you have already said you have read/listened to I cant remember, but I will be going back to jot down those you recommended, I love travel/non-fiction!