27 May 2008

Travel/Non-Fiction Books

Thanks for the recommendations Pam, I've noted them all and will go looking for them right now. Yes, I have read 'A Parrot in a Pepper Tree' by Chris Stewart but I'm still waiting for the first one, must be quite popular but I think I'm next on the list at the library. The rest I haven't heard of, I'm especially interested in the one about the NZ family who went to live in France.

These are the names of the books written by the authors I mentioned yesterday:-

Peter Kerr

  • Snowball Oranges: One Mallorcan Winter
  • Manana Manana: One Mallorcan Summer
  • Viva Mallorca!: One Mallorcan Autumn
  • A Basketful of Snowflakes: One Mallorcan Spring
  • From Paella to Porridge

 Carol Drinkwater

  • The Olive Farm
  • The Olive Season
  • The Olive Harvest
  • The Olive Route

Yesterday I picked up 'McCarthy's Bar' by Pete McCarthy, a journey of discovery in the West of Ireland, which so far is quite entertaining!

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