14 September 2008

Talking Books

Further to the list of audio books I was talking about back in May, I'm wading through them all very slowly now that I am able to be on the computer a bit more. I can really recommend these two authors and the nine books they've written. Peter Kerr's are hilarious and really worth getting from your library, Carol Drinkwater's are a little more sober but very interesting. At the moment I'm listening to 'Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure' by Sarah McDonald and thoroughly enjoying it, another one I laugh out loud at whilst out walking with my iPod!

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Free Spirit said...

Did you know that is Shiva. Th elord of dance. I used to dance Indian dance profressionally when I live in SOuth Africa. I wonder if they have this at the library. I would consider reading. AS I said in my blog I am trying to be a role model and take the time with my kids where we all read together but seperately.The things we do for kids.DO you have any ? I need to search you rblog more. Thank you for sharing. This looks so interesting.