06 October 2008

Saturday & Sunday

On Satuday I went to the 70th birthday party of one of the card girls - in case you haven't read my blog back far enough - we've been playing cards for 40 years! I won't subject you to a photo of us all but here are some gorgeous flowers she received in my favourite colours.

I was hoping for a nice warm sunny day today (which is now yesterday) but no such luck, at least it was warm but overcast most of the day & quite windy. Nevertheless we decided to go for a walk somewhere but first lunch in this nice little cafe not far from where we live. We had a yummy fish pie and I forgot to take a photo of it!

On the way back to our car I saw this beautiful Chinese Toon growing over the top of someone's roof.

Just at the end of the same road is a little beach called Green Bay which I haven't been to for at least 40 years so we went to check it out. On the way through the bush to get there we came across this sign, looks very inviting doesn't it?

The beach is very small so I'm afraid today you mostly get me!

Boy is it hard to get a decent photo with the timer!

I really like the look of the green moss growing all over the rocks.

On the way home we called into The Warehouse to get a glue stick and these shoes jumped off the shelf and into my trolley! Ah lovely, great for the summer and the pewter colour goes with everything.

We also managed to come home with a very nice door mat and a new LCD screen for DH's computer! Not bad for stopping for some glue....

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