08 October 2008


Back to my Aussie holiday in August, I still have heaps of photos I haven't posted yet.
These are a few of the parrots I saw on the first morning of our holiday weekend in Marysville. Friday morning we woke up to constant drizzly rain and this was to be our first day up the mountain to play in the snow. These beautiful birds came to visit us while we were having breakfast, hoping for their share I reckon. I took these photos through the window because I thought if I went outside they'd all fly away and I'd miss my photo opportunity. Most of the photos turned out a bit blurry, not because of shooting through the window but because in my hurry to get the camera before they flew away I forgot to put it on the right settings!

This one I think is a Crimson Rosella.
This one is a female King Parrot, still fairly young I think because she doesn't have the ring around her eye yet.
This one is the male King Parrot.
Both of them sitting on the BBQ, you can see how wet it was.
This one looks like a very young baby with his adult feathers just starting to come through. Isn't he cute all ruffled like that, not the best photo!
This funny Galah Cockatoo I saw out for his morning walk across a field with his mate on our way to the mountain after breakfast. Taken out of the car window.
At the same time I loved the look of this old horse drawn cart & barrels that were sitting there as we were waiting at the traffic lights.
More soon.....

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