04 October 2007

Another beautiful day

Weight - 70 kgs = 11 stone = 154.4 pounds
Steps yesterday - 4522

Well, again I'm pleasantly surprised to see my weight is down once again, it seems such a drop from yesterday. Perhaps I misread the scales without my glasses yesterday or maybe it was the apple pie I had for dinner the previous night!
Here's a layout of a winter's walk in one of our local parks back in July. The lake was full of these huge eels and this was the first time I'd seen an Australian Coot (the grey one with a white beak) and a baby Black Swan, which funnily enough was a light grey! The eels are a native and are protected so they grow very large and very tame, you can feed them by hand. I've been for a long walk this morning so will post photos later.

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