03 October 2007

Monkey Ball pods

3 Oct 2007
Weight - 70.6 kgs = 11.1 stone = 155.7 pounds
Steps yesterday - 5918

Oh no disaster, I've gone back up! An extra long walk is called for today, will have to dodge the rain showers though.

Thanks to an anonymous commenter I now know that one of the trees I photographed yesterday is not an Oak. Of course it's not an Oak tree, the leaves are nothing like an Oak, what was I thinking! A senior moment I'm afraid. They told me it was an American Sweetgum and I've now found out that it is known as Liquidambar (Liquidambar styraciflua) here. I've always admired the name of the tree and heard mention of them but haven't seen one up close, a really pretty tree, it's fruit pods are called 'monkey balls'. So thank you 'anonymous', you've made my day. Here's a photo I took yesterday.

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