02 October 2007

Day Nine

2 Oct 2007
Weight - 70.2 kgs = 11.1 stone = 154.8 pounds
Steps yesterday - none to speak of

I'm back in the land of the living. Had a lazy miserable weekend and yesterday I was grand-daughter sitting on a day of thunderstorms so no walking done. Was pleasantly surprised to see this morning that my weight is still going down if somewhat slowly.
Today was windy and threatening to rain but I had to go out to give blood so went for a short walk. I still have my sore throat so they didn't want my blood after all, it seems the bugs that come with sore throats are not good! It was actually quite a nice day out even if I did get blown along most of the way, the wind wasn't cold and it didn't rain until after I arrived home. I took a few photos but nothing spectacular.
I loved the colours of these polyanthus on one of the local traffic roundabouts. They were all red and yellow except for one lone blue one!

This sign always makes me smile, don't know why!

I thought these might have been conkers but my English DH says no, he knows them well from growing up in London. Seed pods (monkey balls) from the Liquidambar tree.

I liked the different shapes and colours of the pods on this tree, definately an Australian Banksia of some sort.

More blossoms, don't know this bush at all although it looked like a NZ native.

I think this is a Japanese Maple. The photo was a bit over exposed so I put it through a 'fall colours' filter.

This beautiful rose was spilling out all over someone's fence, just gorgeous.

This is a tiled sign at the beginning of street of dozens of Italian style town-houses.

And so back home once more, just in time to catch the rubbish bin man emptying the recycleable bins. Just what you've always wanted to see a photo of!


Anonymous said...

Your photos made me smile this morning. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The tree is not an Oak, I believe it's a Sweetgum. This is where I took my info from: http://www.arborday.org/Trees/TreeGuide/TreeDetail.cfm?ID=129#category