02 March 2008

March Self Portrait - Day 2

We called into the Westhaven Marina today for a short walk but mainly for me to take photos. It was overcast but not raining and still very humidly hot so the breeze down there was a delight. In the end I didn't get enough of the yachts over the top of the greenery, didn't have the tripod so an electricity box had to do, very high tech! I did use another high tech instrument too - DH's finger to push the button a few more times after the timer had gone off, I was sick of running backwards and forwards which was making the natives a bit restless!


Fran said...

Well I suppose they all thought it a bit weird you taking your own pictures when an able bodied bloke was right beside you?


Pennie said...

Go get a remote, I love mine and use it even when I'm not in front of the camera because it gives me a lovely clear photo. I have to say your idea of hot isn't what your Weather Forecast says on the right, I've never seen it near much more than mid 20's... maybe we have different ideas of Hot! :-) I love this photo BTW, very clever.