08 March 2008

Trip to the Lighthouse last December

Here we are as promised, some photos of one of our photowalking trips. We drove to the south side of the Manukau Heads on 2 December and spent a lovely day looking at the old lighthouse with lots of stops on the way. I think I might have already posted photos from the Patumahoe Water Gardens we stopped at but if not will do those next time. If you have ever used Google Earth then go to it and type in 'manukau heads lighthouse', you'll be able to see what the country is like down there, very rugged! They don't seem to have done the very up close shots yet of that part of the country but if you look at 'patumahoe', which is on the way there, you can get quite close up. When you zoom out from the lighthouse, have a look for 'Waitakere' (or zoom in closer for 'New Lynn Railway Station', that's closer) that's where I live and you can see the round about way it took us to get there when it's only a short distance if you go by boat, that's if they had a service which I'm not aware of if they do! Okay, hope you can understand all that, I'm starting to babble so on with the photos.

As we walked up the hill towards the lighthouse this pretty little finch followed chattering all the way, well actually he was ahead of us so I think he was telling us which way to go! I couldn't get any closer than this though but as before if you click on any photo you'll get a closer look.
You can read a little bit more about it here.

This is a large plaque showing the different spots on the north side of the heads looking over to where we live, the arrow is pointing to more or less where our house is!

This is looking back to the settlement of Huia, you can just see the houses nestled in the bay top right. That's where we went on one of our trips last September. DH recognised it as being the place where they filmed a UK drama we had watched on TV a few weeks before called 'The Man Who Lost His Head' starring Martin Clunes.
You know, I think some of my blog is missing, I remember quite well posting photos of the trip that day but they just aren't there anymore, there seems to be about a week's worth of blogging just disappeared, I can't understand it - has anyone else ever had that problem?

From the lighthouse it's just a short walk to the Signal Station Platform.

View from the platform around the lighthouse.

And another one.

And again looking back to Huia.

Mmmm I wonder which way the wind blows in this neck of the woods!

I had to laugh at these two, they just stood there like sentinels guarding something but I couldn't see what it was!

DH caught me unawares having afternoon tea! BTW the word art is my idea of a joke just in case you thought it was a graffiti attack! That's all for today, more later.

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Lindi said...

Your Graffitti says it all! Hope to see it one day.