04 March 2008

Reply to Pennie's Comment

Pennie said "Go get a remote, I love mine and use it even when I'm not in front of the camera because it gives me a lovely clear photo. I have to say your idea of hot isn't what your Weather Forecast says on the right, I've never seen it near much more than mid 20's... maybe we have different ideas of Hot! :-) I love this photo BTW, very clever."

So I say - I'm not sure there is a remote available for my camera Pennie but there just might be a generic one that would work, who knows, I'll check it out. And what the weather forecast doesn't show is the humidity which is usually around the 90-100%, currently it's 68% at 12.30 at night! But of course it still isn't anything like the Oz weather, it's just what you get used to I guess.

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