06 March 2008

March Self Portrait - Day 6

If nothing else does this will convince you that I've finally lost the plot! It was a very pleasant day weatherwise & I thought I'd finish reading my library book, which was due back today, in one of our little local gardens. I took along the camera for today's shot and took a few but later on while I was shopping for a top to go with an autumn skirt I bought last week a brainwave hit me! I set up the camera in the small very small fitting room and took shots of each top as I tried them on! Not the most flattering angle but at least the lighting was good and I didn't need to use a flash - and then wouldn't you guess, the batteries starting running out so they were all taken rather hurriedly! Have a guess at which one I finally decided on.

Credits: Tainted Love QP by Pam Bumbaca & Melissa Bennett, http://tinyurl.com/2fhxto

1 comment:

Pennie said...

You break me up Dawn but what a brilliant idea! I vote for the bottom right... well it sort of goes with your head anyway LOL