23 September 2007

The Civic continued....read previous post first

The last post was getting rather long and very tedious - if anyone knows how to upload a photo so that it goes into the spot you want it to go instead of right at the start please let me know!

The Civic was the brain child of Thomas A O'Brien who said 'It has been our great endeavour to give to you, the people of Auckland, Queen City of the Dominion, a Theatre worthy of the progressive spirit of its citizens. May you spend many happy hours under the star-lit vaulted sky of the Civic'.
I did indeed spend many happy hours as a child growing up watching movies at the Civic, when very young I used to worry that it was going to rain and we would all get wet, no-one ever told me the sky and the twinkling stars were really underneath a roof! Again I didn't get any good pictures of the twinkling sky - and clouds rolling by - but if you click here Shazzt has one. This is a postcard of the Circle foyer including the original painting (fully restored after years of neglect & nicotine staining & now behind glass) that had the people coming in droves to see it, for 1929 it was quite controversial!

After the tour on our way home I was intrigued by this banner above Queen St.

After catching the train home again we called into one of our local restaurants, The Acacia, for dinner where I had pumpkin & brie soup and whitebait fritters with lime tartare sauce.

One last photo of the spring poppies in the gardens before we wended our weary way home after a lovely day out.

Well, the sun has come out now so I might be able to talk Dennis into going for another walk today!

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Pam said...

you got some amazing photos Dawn! I so wanted to go to the civic this weekend and totally forgot all about it! I also realised reading your post that I have never been on a train in NZ....time to get out and do some things I think!! Lol!!