25 September 2007


Love the comments thank you. A few have asked about how I count my steps, it's called a Pedometer, a little gadget that you should be able to get from your chemist/drugstore/health shop that clips onto the waistband or pocket of your jeans etc. At the end of the day you reset it and start again next morning, easy as pie. Mine is an Omron HJ-005, probably out of date now but there are many different makes on the market. Yay I made it over the 5000 steps today!

What an awful photo - why do I have so much trouble taking flash photos I wonder. Here's a better picture of the same one in a different colour. Interesting to note that 10,000 steps is about 5 miles and that it helps to burn 2000 to 3500 calories per week. Put that together with a sensible diet and you have the makings of your old self again LOL.
Off to bed now, unfortunately the forecast for tomorrow isn't looking too good once more.

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Anonymous said...

oh, I love my pedometer too!! It really keeps you motivated!!

I don't always comment on your blog but I do check-in because I love seeing your photo walks! You catch so great photos!! So, thanks for sharing!