27 September 2007

Day Four

27 Sep 2007
Weight - 70.7 kgs = 11.1 stone = 155.9 pounds
Steps yesterday - 10,562

This morning my body was protesting loudly after the exertions of yesterday so I took just a leisurely stroll around the block. It is such a lovely day again that I didn't want to miss any of it.
Yesterday when the girls were here we went to look for the eels in the creek which runs through our property in a small area of bush. We didn't find any eels but on the ground I saw this Banana Passionfruit which I pounced on immediately. This plant thrives in NZ to the point that it is starting to take over our native bush so it has been declared a noxious weed, which is a shame because the fruit are so delicious.

This morning I had it for breakfast with muesli, grapes, yoghurt & trim milk.

On my walk I came across these men working on the electricity lines.

Awhile later I was going past the local primary school where I saw this wonderful painted wall in the playground, it must be new as I've never noticed it before.

This tree was a riot of bloom, I don't know the name of this one, yet, will try to identify it from my book collection. I really liked the way the dappled sun was on the flowers.

I'm not quite sure if this bush is a Manuka/TiTree or a Kanuka, they both look very similar. In fact up until a few moments ago I had never heard of a Kanuka before. The Manuka or TiTree is a native of NZ and honey from the Manuka flower has antibacterial properties and can be used as a natural treatment for many external and internal conditions.

This is the flower of the Bottlebrush tree, a native of Australia. You might think it is the same as the Pohutukawa flower that I posted a few days ago but this one has a cylindrical brush like flower hence the nickname 'Bottlebrush'.

And so back home once more. This is the grassy piece of land at the junction of two streets where our houses are. We only own half of it and this is what happens to the council's half when it's election time - this one is for our local council elections - what an awful eyesore!

Right, time for a nap I think!

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