25 September 2007

A Trek to New Chums Beach

Okay one last thing before I hit the hay - this is the last LO on our holiday weekend back at the start of June, the second one of seven pages even though I've done it last! Below is what the journalling on the page says, I copied most of it from a blurb I found on the Internet.

Reaching this beach means taking a 30-min walk, wading through the estuary at the northern end of Whangapoua Beach, follow the shoreline & you'll find a track that crosses the low point in the headland saddle over to the scenic New Chums Beach. It'll be worth the walk, for you too will get to meet a stunning stretch of golden sand, fringed by pohutukawa trees and native forest, which is deserted much of the year, and you’ll see for yourself just why this little piece of paradise has hit the international limelight. In 2006, the Observer rated this shy stretch of sand as one of the Top 20 Beaches in the World. So just where is the beach that's reached international celebrity status, and how come many Kiwis are unaware of its existence? New Chums Beach is in Wainuiototo Bay, north-west of Whangapoua Beach and approximately 15 kilometres NE of Coromandel.

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