25 September 2007

Day Two

Weighed myself this morning and was surprised to see I'd lost 20 grams already LOL, down to 71.3 kgs. I took a few photos of me standing on the scales but I just couldn't post them here, the scales are made of glass & chrome and you know what that does to a photo! So I just cut the weight from one photo and added it to a photo of the scales when I wasn't standing on them. I was intrigued to see that I weighed .5 less when I weighed myself without holding the camera and yet when I tried weighing the camera it didn't register! So here's the photo, keep in mind the weight includes the camera :).

71.8 minus .5 camera weight
71.3 kgs = 11.2 stone or 157.2 pounds.

And here's a photo of me in all my glory! Face lift anyone? Taken with a flash, note the use of dark slimming colours :).

I had to do some shopping this morning so thought I'd walk home the long way, this is what greeted me as I came out of the Mall even though you can see blue sky.

So today's PhotoWalk didn't happen although I did take this photo while juggling an umbrella. The town square is dotted with small trees that have these unusual blossoms.

I bought lots of healthy food to help me with my diet today, note lots of nearly 'fat free' stuff. All very well but you still need to be careful of the sugar content, all of these are also low in sugar. I don't diet as such but I do like the basic ideas of 'The South Beach Diet'. The Bad Carbs vs Good Carbs and the same for Fats. Anything that is 'white' is out including bread, rice, potatoes, flour, sugar etc, they are the bad carbs. The good carbs include brown rice, full grain bread and most nuts amongst other things. Potatoes are the only vegetable I don't eat - well except for those I don't like :). These fresh fruits should be avoided - bananas, watermelon and pineapple, all high in sugar content. The good fats are - Olive Oil including Extra Virgin but not Light, Avocado and Canola (Rapeseed).

Oh yes, the Aloe Vera Moisturiser is for my sore feet!
I've gone over my 5,000 steps today so still on track.


Pam said...

You are making me feel guilty now!! lol! I know all that 'right foods' stuff, but actually putting it into practice most days is where I come unstuck!! Your shopping looks very impressive, and very yummy, apart from the feijoa muesli...I'd have to swap that for the berry one!
Is that African Violet the secret diet ingredient?! :)

Anonymous said...

Go Girl! You're quite brave to put it all out here on the blog. I love your photos so keep on telling all and showing most, lol. I need to shed a few lbs too and I could do the photowalking thing to improve with my camera...I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a terrific day in your beautiful part of the world.

Heather said...

I need yur moivation dear girl. I think photo walking is an amazing idea I must try. The food looks wonderful with healthy tips. Ok I must get off my butt and make some changes.