24 September 2007

New start

Today I started on my new programme to get fit & lose weight. I thought I would chronicle my progress here so I hope it won't frighten you all away! I weighed myself this morning - more than I thought, isn't it always - 71.5kgs in my birthday suit - no photo sorry, didn't want to frighten you off completely!
I know that 10,000 steps EACH day is the optimum amount everyone should do to keep fit & healthy, at the moment I'm just aiming for 5,000 a day, no use going overboard ;). From now on I go for my walk as soon as I get up otherwise I just keep putting it off. This morning it was threatening to rain so I took my umbrella, I knew it wouldn't rain then! I called into the hairdressers for a hair cut then walked home around the block, after stopping to take a few photos it took me ¾hr and 4842 steps, not bad but I can do better. Here I am stepping out.

I took a video on my camera of my legs walking, I'll have to see if I can put it online somehow, first time I've used my camera to take a movie.

Down one of the streets were all these trees growing on the grass berm, all bursting with buds and about to burst forth. When I got up close to take a photo I was fascinated to see the colour of the buds. It looked for all the world like someone had moved from tree to tree painting the buds black. I've been down this street hundreds of times but have never noticed that before, obviously the trees aren't that spectacular but I did like the buds.

I love this Weeping Willow tree and have photographed it many times without much success as to getting it looking as lovely as it does in real life - today I tried a different approach, up closer and with the flash, a bit better I think.

This is one of my favourite Pelargoniums, Midnight Sun, and today it was gloriously blooming in a few gardens as well as along the side of the road. Must get a cutting next time I go past.

This is the flower of our native tree the Pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa), popularly known as the NZ Christmas Tree. They say the earlier it flowers the longer our summer will be - roll on summer! I think this one is a cousin of our NZ tree coming from the Kermadec Islands.

Another sign of Spring - a beautiful Rhododendron. The sun was in the wrong place to get a good shot of it but I'm not complaining after waiting so long for the sun to arrive!

And so back home again! Another episode tomorrow hopefully. Anyone like to join me - even if not physically we could do it virtually.

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Webfrau said...

Good for you Dawn. I should really make an effort and find my pedometer, actually I think I've got 3 - if I wear them all at once can I add them all together?