06 February 2008

Blog365 - Day 32

Went to the dentist, this time took my camera but forgot to take any photos! I've been going to this same dentist for 57 years although the current dentist took over from the original one about 20 years or so ago. So the other day I asked if I could get some copies of my first dental cards all those years ago and he gave me the first four - first treatment 22 Jan 1951, I would have been 10 years 2 mths old. An xray and examination cost 10/6d, 2 fillings and a prophysomethingorother each cost 10/6d also, total £2.2s.0d paid for by the Health Department on 4 Apr 1951. And so it goes on - on 13 Jun 1963 free treatment and clean as a wedding present, I was married on the 15th. And an interesting little note on the 19 Nov 1965 'baby overdue' no fee - my son was born on the 25th Nov. Nothing much else of interest really, just lots & lots & lots of amalgam fillings that I still have some of today! No fluoride in those days.

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