09 February 2008

Heritage Photos Again

Yes photos of me are now considered heritage! Born 1940 these are of me from 6 mths to 2 years - a two page layout for my 'Pieces of My Life' album.
Credits: As I Ride By by Elisabeth Weaver, http://tinyurl.com/24ycox
As I Ride By Again by Elisabeth Weaver, http://tinyurl.com/2sbpub
Charming Ages Word Art by Tina Chambers, http://tinyurl.com/3byyc5
I Heart You 2 Page QC by Elisabeth Weaver (slightly altered), http://tinyurl.com/33rdp4
Scraps of Us Word Art from Lynnette Siler aka FormbyGirl

1 comment:

Liz Needle said...

What a wonderful collection. You are so lucky having so many photos of yourself as a baby. I have none and I feel quite bereft. My parents never had a camera and I have no record of myself before I was about 7 years old.