06 February 2008

Blog365 - Day 33

Have been having computer problems today, my downloading rate has dropped to below 5kb/sec instead of the up around 250kb/sec I usually get. Waited ages and ages to download files and then all of a sudden they drop out and there's either nothing or a corrupted file left behind! I've been tearing my hair out doing all sorts of scans for spybots and viruses and you name it, defragging, rebooting, resetting the router, blah blah blah - with no success at all! Going to son's place to do my downloading tomorrow and if it's successful you'll hear me yelling down the phone to my ISP when I get home!
So then I thought mmmm I'll catch up on printing my album pages, did six and the black ink ran out, of course I only had about 3 coloured cartridges & no black in the house!
So in the end I was forced to do housework - how bad is that? Started on the washing and would you believe it leaked water all over the floor which gradually got worse so it looks like we might need a new washing machine, it's over 10 years old so it's not worth paying out heaps of money to get it fixed when a new one will probably cost less!
Another public holiday in NZ tomorrow (well today actually it's 1.41am!) - Waitangi Day - and it looks like I'll be spending it at the laundrette!

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