07 February 2008

Blog365 - Day 34

Well it seems the fault doesn't lie with my ISP, still getting very slow Internet all around. The council are laying new drains in our street so maybe someone has dug into the telephone lines!
Today I have a layout of Lauren & Becky trying to drown themselves while on holiday a few weeks ago, it sure looks like fun.
The weather is a little cooler today, didn't have to have the fan going flat stick which is nice. Bought another external hard-drive yesterday so I now have plenty of room for my photos, sorry there's been such a long lull in my photowalking, starting up again soon.
We need to go washing machine shopping on Saturday, I found the original receipt which says it was made in May 1992 and purchased new on 7 Feb 1994 for $92.40! It's hardly worth getting fixed after all these years, up until now we've never had a moment's problem with it so it's done a good job. Except for that one time I tried to wash an old floor mat that disintegrated into a million pieces and clogged the machine up so bad it took DH days to get it all out! Anyone want to bet I won't get another one for $92.40?

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