09 February 2008

Scatterday I - 9 Feb 2008

Something Australian was easy, one of my grandsons who is a real IMP was born & lives in Melbourne, obviously the photo is not by me but taken with my camera when I was there a few years ago (we don't talk about the hair, whatever was I thinking!). I also managed to get a not too bad photo of Australia the ISLAND on my TV screen one night during the weather forecast. The something yellow is an INDIAN sari I found in the window of a shop, there was an iron grill inside the window so I took it up as close as I could so the grill wouldn't show. Lastly, I found this horrible INSECT at the park today - okay so it's not actually in the air but have you ever tried to photograph a fly on the wing?
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Credits: Australian Opals 2 by Elisabeth Weaver, http://tinyurl.com/39y2r4
Australian Opals Addon by Elisabeth Weaver, http://tinyurl.com/34dr3s
Funky Fresh Alpha by Amber Gray
Glitter Alpha by Elisabeth Weaver, http://tinyurl.com/2dwl6s
Special Place QC by Elisabeth Weaver, http://tinyurl.com/2ctzzs


Michelle Watters said...

Excellent I suggestions. Australia the Island - love it! And glad to see you out on the scavenge for photos. I never go out without my camera anymore. There's stuff everywhere!

Lindi said...

I love the Indian sari. You could have left the grill in, if it was Iron...
You must have been quick to get the fly, even if not in the air.
Snap on Australia.

BTW, the comments box on the side isn't working.

Di said...

I love your collages, Dawn!

Fran said...

Love your Scrapbooking settings, when life stops getting in the way I will investigate further.