08 February 2008

Blog365 - Day 35

Posting before I go to bed today because I have a busy day coming up. Off to the Laundrette to do the washing, price some washing machines and look for photos to take in one of the Scatterday categories - something you find in the air starting with I! Is that hard or what? All I can think of is 'insect' but to get a photo of one actually in the air might be next to impossible! I also need to find something yellow starting with I - I'm going to the Indian Sari shop to see if they have a yellow one, then I have to talk them into letting me photograph it! It's either that or find some yellow Incense - which hopefully will be in the same shop. The something Australian starting with I was real easy, but I'm not telling yet.....
Today's layout is Becky contemplating something - probably up to no good!

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